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It's the physical proof of an invisible,
universe-wide field that gave mass to all.


"Beyond Infinity"

YTINIFNI [is pronounced : EE (like Italy) T (like Turkey) EE (like Italy) N (like Netherlands) EE (like Italy) F (like France)  N (like Netherlands) EE (like Italy)] It’s the physical proof of an invisible, universe-wide field that gave mass to all.

Feature Films

We have multiple portfolios and we believe we have that film you are looking for that you love! From development to delivery we make sure everything goes as planned !

TV Series

We are constantly working on TV series from various stages of development and pre-production. Ask us now on which one we are working on and we are


We love music and we can help you to have your music all over the world in all different platforms and outlets. Digitally and

YTINIFNI PICTURES is a leading independent motion picture development, finance, production, distribution and international sales company; based in Los Angeles, California USA with offices in Shanghai, UK, Hong Kong, Paris, Tokyo and Bogota. YTINIFNI PICTURES is managed by a very experienced team with more than 60 years of combined experience in the development, finance, production, packaging, distribution and licensing of IPs, features films, animations, and TV series.
“A creative studio that loves to learn, collaborate and create great content with teams from all over the world”
The YTINIFNI story
In March 2004, after we found a profound, unique, and different name YTINIFNI PICTURES was founded with a mission to develop, finance, produce and distribute great films and tv series. Starting with not a large film and tv media hybrid fund and based out of a 1379 square feet office, we developed three films, produced two, financed four and acquired 7 films that first year. And now, thirteen years later, we've grown to nearly 53 employees, have offices worldwide (Hey LA! Good morning London!, Hola Bogota! Salut Paris! 你好 Shanghai, Hi Hong Kong! and こんにちは Japan!) As time went on, we grew and grew — and were even named one of the fastest growing media companies in the US. With over 478 projects (and counting) YTINIFNI PICTURES has made a difference.
“Well, it is true and it is a fact: very hard work, vision and believe you can contribute to humanity one way or the other pays"
Our Process
“It all depends” [Middle English dependen, to hang down, from Old French dependre, from Latin dēpendēre : dē-, de- + pendēre, to hang; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.] YTINIFNI PICTURES is constantly looking for ways and technologies to be more efficient. We write our own IPs but we option ideas, screenplays and books. We finance, develop, produce and distribute our projects. But we can as well co-write, co-finance, co-produce, as well as co-distribute content. What is important is to make sure we achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense keeping great quality.
“Let’s make sure together we make great cinema to an audience that will never forget who we were and what we did for them to make them have an excellent time”
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YTINIFNI PICTURES does physical Theatrical, Home Entertainment, TV, New Media and Merchandise Distribution in the USA and Canada. We are in direct contact with bookers for all major and small theater chains. We deal with all national retailers to place any DVD, Music CD, Blue Ray, Book, Merchandise, etc. YTINIFNI PICTURES is in constant contact with all TV networks, stations and syndicators. Our very talented teams design, and create full marketing strategies to negotiate and book best deals with theater owners. We create amazing packaged DVDs and BLUE-RAYs. We design and create Toys and any other kind of merchandise, and technology the project needs in order to achieve great success.
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We write screenplays, teleplays, mini series, and plays from your idea, outline, ebook, synopsis, memoir, or Book to Screen. We help bring YOUR idea or book to LIFE onto the screen by having a professional script. INCLUDED for FREE are many services that only people who are connected can give to our clients. OUR FREE promotion plan includes excellent ways for your script to sell and be a success! We are connected with filmmakers, festivals, awards, studios, agents and more! Our client's scripts constantly WIN Film Festival awards and BEST FILMS all year long! ​ What sets us apart from other screenwriters is that we are script experts, script doctors, have a track record of thrilled clients, produced films, on IMDb, work with agents, film producers, studio heads and are working in the film industry daily. We go to film festivals all year round! We help guide you on how to connect with producers, so you have a TOP chance on YOUR SCRIPT project getting produced. Our FREE plan helps guide clients on pitching it to A-List producer contacts and A-List stars. FREE expert step-by-step easy promotion plan for clients!​ ​ EMAIL us for a FREE quote: kathy@ytinifnipictures.com
Ytinifni Records is committed to being the number one independent distributor and marketer of entertainment products in North America and rest of the world. Ytinifni Records team strives to provide reliable and efficient services with integrity, innovation, and persistence. We are a growing, successful company that values active and open communication to nurture strategic alliances in all of our relationships. Ytinifni Records is a dynamic, aggressive organization on the cutting edge of customer focused service, retail music distribution, Internet sales and music licensing worldwide.
Ytinifni Omniscient Studios: “A virtual reality media production and visual systems architecture studio” Ytinifni Omniscient Studios is a production service based in Atlanta Georgia that produces digital virtual reality video for commercial applications. Using the 12, 14, 20 and 24 stitched camera nodes; the company will create interactive video experiences that transform viewers' sense of the space and objects in the environment of their desires. The client viewer who has interest in luxury real estate, merchandise and vacation has the means to discern among competing choices. Omniscient Studios provides the visual experiences that impresses more than the eyes, but also the imagination of the products and services envisioned in three-dimensional interactive video. ​ For more information please e-mail: sheldonschiffer@ytinifnipictures.com
- We create original, high-quality TV commercials for the domestic and international marketplace. - We can ad to your commercial an A List Hollywood actor if needed. - We can help you if needed to place your ad with networks, stations and syndicators around the world depending on your target audience and demographic. ​ For samples please email : christjay@ytinifnipictures.com
Levels Of Product Placement: 1. Background Product: Where your brand & product is visible subtly in the background of the action. Quiet, but visible. 2. Involved Product: Where your brand & product is involved somehow in the current scene itself. You’re in focus. 3. Active Product: Where your brand & product is actively utilized by the characters, scene, or even story. You can’t be missed. For more information please email : christjay@ytinifnipictures.com
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Ytinifni Pictures LONDON
Att: Gerhard P. Huck 4F19 Sherborne Court 180-186 Cromwell Road London SW5 0SS - UK E-mail: info@ytinifnipictures.com
Ytinifni Pictures TOKYO
Att: David Miyamoto 41-12 大久保, 新宿区, 東京都 169-0072, JAPAN E-mail: info@ytinifnipictures.com
Ytinifni Pictures LOS ANGELES
Att: Kathy Krantz Stewart 2600 West Olive Avenue 5th Floor, Legacy Tower, Burbank, ca 91505 - USA E-mail: info@ytinifnipictures.com
Ytinifni Pictures SHANGHAI
Att: Yin Jun Guang Zhong Road No.657 HongKou District, Shanghai, 3rd Floor - CHINA E-mail: info@ytinifnipictures.com
Ytinifni Pictures HONG KONG
Att: Jean Luc B. 18/F, Mar Vivo Studio - 53 Lockhart Road, Wanchai - HONG KONG E-mail: info@ytinifnipictures.com
Ytinifni Pictures BOGOTA
Att: Carlos E. Escobar Street 26 Number 45 -10 Office 200 Bogota, South America - COLOMBIA E-mail: info@ytinifnipictures.com
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