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It's the physical proof of an invisible,
universe-wide field that gave mass to all.


Below, you can submit your music

demo to Record Label.

When you finally finish your tracks and feel like they are ready to take over the world, wait to share them. This is the perfect time for you to gather feedback about your creation. Share your music with people whose opinions you value, and take their criticism to heart. Not all feedback needs to be acted upon, but it’s time to take notice if multiple people highlight the same thing.

Avoid sharing your demos with friends and family who may need help understanding your music. Their unwavering support can be misleading and detrimental to your growth. You can save your notes for them until your work is complete.

It’s crucial to present only your best work during auditions, and even before that, ensure that your music aligns with the label’s overall image in terms of sound and content.

Ensure that your tracks are of the highest possible quality. Compare your recordings with those of other artists you admire on the label. Remember, you only have one opportunity to make a lasting impression.

So that you know, we can only accept unsigned items. If you have used any samples, they should be free, and you can send us a receipt for those samples. We do not accept bootlegs, mashups, or unofficial remixes. So that you know, we will only listen to SoundCloud links.
Our A&R team will make a decision within 1-4 weeks and contact you if we are interested in signing a contract.
Please submit your unreleased music using a Private SoundCloud link, or for released music; please submit Spotify links to your songs.