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It's the physical proof of an invisible,
universe-wide field that gave mass to all.

Other Services

Screen Writer For Hire

We write screenplays, teleplays, mini-series, and plays from your idea, outline, ebook, synopsis, memoir, or Book to Screen. We help bring YOUR vision or book to LIFE onto the screen by having a professional script. INCLUDED for FREE are many services that only connected people can give our clients. OUR FREE promotion plan includes excellent ways for your script to sell and succeed! We are associated with filmmakers, festivals, awards, studios, agents, and more! Our clients’ scripts constantly WIN Film Festival awards and BEST FILMS all year long!

EMAIL us for a FREE quote: kathy@ytinifnipictures.com

What sets us apart from other screenwriters is that we are script experts, script doctors, have a track record of thrilled clients, produced films, on IMDb, work with agents, film producers, studio heads and are working in the film industry daily. We go to film festivals all year round!   We help guide you on how to connect with producers, so you have a TOP chance on YOUR SCRIPT project getting produced. Our FREE plan helps guide clients on pitching it to A-List producer contacts and A-List stars.  FREE expert step-by-step easy promotion plan for clients!​


FOR MORE INFO PLEASE EMAIL US: info@ytinifnipictures.com

Ytinifni Records is committed to being the number one independent distributor and marketer of entertainment products in North America and rest of the world. Ytinifni Records team strives to provide reliable and efficient services with integrity, innovation, and persistence. We are a growing, successful company that values active and open communication to nurture strategic alliances in all of our relationships.

Ytinifni Records is a dynamic, aggressive organization on the cutting edge of customer focused service, retail music distribution, Internet sales and music licensing worldwide.​

Sync licensing gets your music into movie soundtracks, TV shows, adverts, video games, etc. Interested? LET’S TALK.

Virtual reality

Ytinifni Omniscient Studios: “A virtual reality media production and visual systems architecture studio” Ytinifni Omniscient Studios is a production service based in Atlanta Georgia that produces digital virtual reality video for commercial applications. Using the 12, 14, 20 and 24 stitched camera nodes; the company will create interactive video experiences that transform viewers’ sense of the space and objects in the environment of their desires. The client viewer who has interest in luxury real estate, merchandise and vacation has the means to discern among competing choices. Omniscient Studios provides the visual experiences that impresses more than the eyes, but also the imagination of the products and services envisioned in three-dimensional interactive video.

For more information please e-mail: sheldonschiffer@ytinifnipictures.com


– We create original, high-quality TV commercials  for the domestic and international marketplace.

– We can ad to your commercial an A List Hollywood actor if needed.

– We can help you if needed to place your ad with networks, stations and syndicators around the world depending on your target audience and demographic.

For samples please email : christjay@ytinifnipictures.com

Levels Of Product Placement:

1. Background Product:
Where your brand & product is visible subtly in the background of the action. Quiet, but visible.

2. Involved Product:
Where your brand & product is involved somehow in the  current scene itself.   You’re in focus.

3. Active Product:
Where your brand & product is actively utilized by the characters, scene, or even story.  You can’t be missed.

For more information please email : christjay@ytinifnipictures.com

Aerial production services

With many years of experience, and unprecedented access to the skies of the biggest city in the world, YTINIFNI PICTURES – APS is able to produce any project or task. Our clients span Film and Print Production Companies, Ad Agencies, Concert and Event Promoters, Building Owners / Management Companies, Architectural Design Agencies, as well as Private Clients. YTINIFNI PICTURES – APS  operates with an FAA approved Motion Picture Manual and a fleet of helicopters to supply both camera ships and story aircraft. Our pilots and cinematographers are some of the best in the industry. Whether you need an air to air sequence or stunt, set up establishing shots or need to produce a special sequence, we will work with your creative team to provide solutions to make your vision a reality. Whether your project is above or around the city, YTINIFNI PICTURES – APS has the pilots and photographers that will get your shot.

For more information please email : christjay@ytinifnipictures.com