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It's the physical proof of an invisible,
universe-wide field that gave mass to all.


“A creative studio that loves to learn, collaborate and create great content with teams from all over the world”

We create amazing packages

YTINIFNI PICTURES does physical Theatrical, Home Entertainment, TV, New Media and Merchandise Distribution in the USA and Canada. We are in direct contact with bookers for all major and small theater chains. We deal with all national retailers to place any DVD, Music CD, Blue Ray, Book, Merchandise, etc. YTINIFNI PICTURES is in constant contact with all TV networks, stations and syndicators. Our very talented teams design, and create full marketing strategies to negotiate and book best deals with theater owners. We create amazing packaged DVDs and BLUE-RAYs. We design and create Toys and any other kind of merchandise, and technology the project needs in order to achieve great success.

Quick Introduction Marketing Strategies

As long as a basic website (s) is made for the film, you can provide a link from your film’s website to several different websites. This will be beneficial in terms of marketing your film. A number of various social networking and search engine sites will be available for your use. The goal is start selling stills, portions of the music, merchandise, clothing, DVD promos, trailers, advertising opportunities in trailers, promos, stills, ads based on the movie, etc. We need to engage audience from a very early stage in the whole development-preproduction-production-distribution process.


As your film starts the pre-production process, your film should have more information in terms of story and possible casting choices to put forth towards the marketing of your film. A Wikipedia.org page and other websites featuring your film can be updated at each step of the production process


At this point of the production process, you should have plenty of content to load onto your films’ website or other websites where you can post information about your film.


Theatrical Packages

Festival Packages

“We are proud to have our own Home Entertainment Non-Theatrical & Educational Rights and DVD platform. Our movies are monetized right away. Libraries, Organizations, Schools, University, and customers in general love how easy our platform works!
www.arzura.com brings great independent films to you, rather than the common, mainstream movies, in a convenient, quick website. For those organizations looking for something different in the entertainment world, something more diverse, far-reaching, yet still professional and popular, www.arzura.com is the place
Arzura is for Religious centers, community venues, museums, performing arts centers, Schools, Businesses, Foundations, Universities, and any other Non-Theatrical & Educational as well as individuals. Arzura is for open public screening license, ticketed screening license, Library, School purchase and any other Non-Theatrical & Educational as well as DVD purchase, bulk or not.
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Economy and Culture

Economy and Culture


Economy and Culture

In order to meet the demands of our modern economy and culture, we realize this industry must be willing to adapt - so we’re rethinking the way we approach IP sales, and licensing. From development to marketing, distribution and sales, technology has extended mankind’s reach further than ever before. YTINIFNI PICTURES networks with over 200,000 active buyers on a monthly bases based in 184 different countries across the globe. We sell properties directly to international physical theatrical distributors, video distributors, Home Entertainment Distributors, Broadcasters, Stations, VOD, SVOD, AVOD platforms and Syndicators. Our language-specific staff works from 3am PT to midnight, Monday through Sunday- a necessity when dealing with buyers on a 12 hour time difference.


“We focus on accelerating revenues in a timely matter giving exposure to your project quickly and substantially. We pride ourselves in discovering exciting projects and introducing them to audiences around the world” 

International Markets

International Clients